Helping local ecosystems thrive

Developing markets were always a challenge and empowering them is our mission in Anthology Management. The presence or absence of business catalysts like startups, business angels, accelerators, incubators and their ability to interact with themselves or other entities in the value chain affects growth of ecosystems. Helping the local players in ecosystems to build them and entrepreneurs to leverage value is our business.

Specialized training for startup enablers

We offer specialized training and advice to ecosystem builders (academics, mentors, consultants, entrepreneurs) to leverage their skill-sets and be more effective in their roles.

Program design

Design of acceleration programs, workshops and bootcamps for academic entities, industry chambers, institutions or companies who want to boost entrepreneurial growth and innovation potential.

Design strategies for protection and exploitation of research results with a focus on identifying potential end-users and uses of research outcomes. We can assist in designing activities that span from commercial exploitation activities, to standardisation, skills, educational training, and policy making. We offer:

  • Review on the kind of needs a project responds to
  • Identification of the problem the proposed solution will solve and why this solution will be
    better than existing ones and in which areas
  • Definition of new knowledge (results) the project will generate assessing the current state of
    the art
  • Identification of the benefits for end users and the extent to which each end user will
  • We help you design processes on the proof of concept, prototyping, demonstrating the cost
    effectiveness, address standardisation issues, potential regulatory aspects, identify health or safety
    barriers and how to overcome them.

Specialized advice on patent protection for ICT innovations, with a focus on software and artificial intelligence inventions. Our partners Patent Mind and Anthology Ventures can help turn your technology into a business. We offer

  • Review of your innovation as patentable subject matter.
  • Support in drafting a promising application with the European Patent Office.
  • Advice on the valuation of your patent (application) portfolio.
  • Commercialization and market potential assessments.
  • IP training workshops.

Optimizing your company’s performance can sometimes include leveraging another company’s strengths. Whether you are looking at a possible market entry or exit, growth stimulation, or gaining a competitive advantage, Anthology Management can help you evaluate the options, and decide on the right tactics to execute your plan. Depending upon your entrepreneurial goals, we work with you and your team to decide the advantage of a merger, sale, or partnership with another entity, and help you with all aspects of the planning and execution of your strategic evolution.

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